River Ratz! Photo Page

.... in chronological order ....

Breeze ~ The first of the River Ratz!

Breeze at 5 weeks

Breeze at 6 weeks

Breeze at 1 year old

Breeze and Bandit

Taking time to smell the flowers

Breezes first litter (3 days)

Bandit ~ A work of art!

Breeze & Flame

Dad & Junior

A Mötley Crew ~ 2000

A young Pebbles

Bandit and Pebbles

Breeze and one of her 2004 pups

Flame ~ Negative Art

Pebbles is such a sweety

Pebbles 2004 Litter

Pebbles little girl

Pebbles little boy

My 23 y/o Arabian mare Bianca,
the sweetest horse alive!

Bandit ~ What a ham!

Pebbles, doing what she loves best!

Flame ~ all grown up!

Breezes 2004 pup, Bruiser

Breezes 2004 pup, Ranger

Ranger with his new mom, Chris

Where's Ranger?

Where's a good place for a 'TOY' Rat Terrier to hide?
In the TOYbox , of course!

Ranger takes guard duty seriously!

We breed Toys with hunting instincts intact!

Pebbles second litter

Bandit is very involved with his puppies

Crate training slowly begins at 4 weeks

Aren't we cute?


Whata Gang!

Bandit and his son, Butch

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